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Performance Bundle

Performance Bundle

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What's Included:

  • (1) Focus CBD Tincture
  • (1) Pure CBD Tincture 
  • (1) Max Relief CBD Roll On
  • (1) Warming CBD Salve 

TerraVita's Performance Bundle is the perfect stack for anyone in need of a mental and physical boost. Our consciously crafted, benefit-specific CBD tinctures are formulated to boost energy and cognitive function without any crash or jittery feeling. This bundle also includes our Max Relief cooling gel and Warming Salve to support your aches and pains when you need it most! 

    Bundle Breakdown

    (1) Focus CBD Tincture: 

    • Boosts Mental Focus
    • Enhances Cognitive Function
    • Elevates Mood
    • Premium Full Spectrum CBD
    • Refreshing Spearmint Favor

    Focus by TerraVita is our cognitive boosting, focus and energy enhancing tincture formulated with 1000mg of full spectrum CBD, brain potentiating terpenes, green tea extract, ginseng, and taurine in an invigorating, stimulating spearmint flavor that will help you make the most of each day without any crash or burnout!

    (1) Pure CBD Tincture: 

    • CO2 Extracted For Purity
    • Added Terpenes (Myrcene, Linalool, Pinene)
    • Premium Full Spectrum CBD
    • Earthy Natural Flavor

    The name says it all! Pure by TerraVita tincture is formulated with 1000mg of full spectrum CBD, and an added terpene blend. This pure natural flavor will keep you coming back for more. Enjoy this anytime of the day under your tongue, added to your go-to drink, or mixed in to your favorite recipes.

    (1) Max Relief CBD Roll On: 

    • Deep Penetrating Pain Relief Gel
    • Extra-Strength
    • May Reduce Inflammation
    • Soothe Aches and Sore Muscles
    • Premium Broad Spectrum CBD

    Experiencing sore muscles? Achy joints? Nagging pains? Max Relief by TerraVita is a deep penetrating pain relief gel formulated with 500mg of broad spectrum CBD. It comes in an easy-to-apply 3 oz roll on that works to fight pain and inflammation at the source! Experience the cooling with our gel’s unique combination of CBD, crisp menthol and moisturizing aloe applies targeted pain relief to your joints, muscles, and ligaments. Use throughout the day to help with pain reduction.

    (1) Warming CBD Salve:

    • Soothe Aches & Sore Muscles
    • Warming Capsaicin
    • May Reduce Inflammation
    • Deep Penetrating for Optimal Results
    • Premium Broad Spectrum CBD

    Warming Salve by TerraVita is formulated with 500mg of broad spectrum CBD, capsaicin, rosemary leaf oil, spearmint oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, and more to penetrate deep and relieve aches, pains and may help reduce inflammation at the source throughout your day! Our Warming Salve is a preferred way to deliver a focused, potent CBD dose directly to a specific area. Since CBD rapidly absorbs through certain-permeable layers of the skin, the effects can be faster-acting than sublingual oils.

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