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Relax CBD Tincture – 1000 MG

(103 customer reviews)


  • Promotes sense of calm/relaxation
  • Cortisol suppressing adaptogen
  • Premium Full Spectrum CBD
  • Delicious, earthy Lemon-Lime flavor

Relax by TerraVita is our innovative anti-stress, anti-anxiety, relaxation promoting full spectrum CBD formulated with calming terpenes and cortisol suppressing ashwagandha root extract in a bright herbal lemon lime flavor that may free you from tension and anxiety after a long day of school, work, exercise, or whatever life throws at you!

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1000 MG Lab-Tested, Full Spectrum CBD:  May improve homeostasis in your central nervous system improving relaxation and managing stress. CBD may have the ability to act on the brain’s receptors for serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and social behavior.


Caryophyllene:  Also known as beta-caryophyllene, it is a spicy, peppery terpene known for its anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects. Caryophyllene molecules selectively target the CB2 receptor of the endocannabinoid system which may help treat anxiety and depression.

Linalool:  Is a naturally occurring terpene found in many flowers and spices such as lavender and coriander. Besides its pleasant floral aroma, Linalool is widely used to reduce stress levels. Taking the Linalool terpene has the following effects and benefits: Anti-Anxiety, Antidepressant, Sedative.

Limonene:  An aromatic cannabis terpene that gives off a more tangy lemon aroma. Limonene is known for its stress relief, anti-anxiety properties. Recent studies show participants taking Limonene to experience a sense of well-being and even increased libido.

Ashwagandha Root:  An ancient medicinal herb that is an adaptogen which means it helps your body manage stress and reduce anxiety. Ashwagandha helps reduce the “stress hormone” Cortisol while working to block the stress pathway in the brain.

103 reviews for Relax CBD Tincture – 1000 MG

  1. Eddie W.

    It’s my daily routine to use my relax the moment I get off work. Love this stuff!

  2. Haley Q

    Been taking my relax droppers for a week and it has worked so well. Just wanted to say…thank you!

  3. Mick J.

    Easy to purchase, and fast delivery time. I really dig all your benefits besides just plain CBD.

  4. Garet A.

    My intention was to purchase this for my girlfriend but I ended up having to get her another bottle since I was usually it daily. Great product…5 stars!!!!

  5. Hamid K.

    They are very different with how they mix full spectrum, ashwagandha and terpenes. I would choice quality with TerraVita any day of the week over the cheap ineffective products out there.

  6. Kelly G.

    I love the Ashwagandha and CBD. Will keep buying!

  7. Eric P

    I love the fresh lemon-lime flavor!

  8. Nikki P.

    It’s the key ingredient to my afternoon cup of tea now. Lol

  9. Conor J

    Relax, yes please!

  10. Brooke K.

    Love your product! The lemon-line CBD smells and tastes fantastic and is a wonderful way to unwind and relax. I’d highly recommend this!

  11. Kathryn J.

    Once I found this company, I stopped shopping around. It’s tough to find quality.

  12. Stephen P.

    When I get home from work, I start off with using one dropper in my water. I feel it within minutes and has been so good for me. I tell all my friends about your products, as I am one of your loyal customers for sure.

  13. Tom C.

    I use this now as my post workout to help with my knee inflammation. It has been a life changer. Thank you!

  14. Oscar T.

    I purchased TerraVita for my store and they have been flying off the shelfs. We have see numerous return customers and only expect to see more. I personally love the Focus to get myself a morning boost.

  15. Lucas K.

    I am on my 5th purchase of Relax. I have a great appreciation for this product.

  16. Todd A.

    The Relax is my favorite!!

  17. William P.

    This stuff is great. I have reordered a new bottle every month.

  18. Vicki C.

    Delicious! I’ll be back VERY soon to order another. I also told 3 of my friends today all about it. You should get them as customers too!

  19. Cade H.

    Seriously such a savior! Great flavor and helps me relax.

  20. Jeffrey A

    We first bought our dog Zoe about bottle of their pet tincture and it was working so well, so we decide to give their Relax a try since I struggle with anxiety. So happy with this decision. I now get a bottle once a month.

  21. Shannon S.

    So pleased with this product. Thank you!

  22. Jason T

    Anyone that is looking for great product to help with anxiety. Stop looking, this stuff has really helped me.

  23. Lily K.


  24. Kira A

    I could not be more pleased with my purchase of Relax. I carry this in my purse daily.

  25. Raymond l.

    Just wanted to say, I love my relax and follow your company on IG. Great content!

  26. Sammy A.

    I have had a lot going on personally lately and my sister in-law told me see saw Brittany Furlan post something on TerraVita CBD. I gave it a try, and hands down the best around!

  27. Sanders B

    To me, quality is most important over price. This company offers the best products around. Much appreciated TerraVita!

  28. Eleena K.

    I put the Relax in my tea after a long day of work. The lemon lime flavor tastes great and settles me down.

  29. George W.

    My GF and I are hooked. We use our focus and relax a few times or more per week when needed. Stuff is super effective!

  30. Hayden C.

    Love it! Thank you, TerraVita…this has really helped reduce my stress levels.

  31. Pamela V

    It usually takes me a long time to try something out. I kept hearing from my best friend how great your Relax and Sleep products were. I decided to finally give it an honest try. Oh boy, you have changed my opinion on CBD. Highly recommended!

  32. Lucas J.

    Nothing like taking my dropper of my Relax on a Friday afternoon before the week starts. It calms me down and takes a natural edge off.

  33. Jessie R.

    I’ve struggled with anxiety for years and Relax gives me relief.

  34. Tressel T.

    Great taste. Great effects. Really helps me relax after work.

  35. Jules P.

    Give me my couch and Relax and I’m a happy camper!

  36. Jen V

    Yes…5 stars!! I put one dropper in my tea in the afternoon and it’s amazing.

  37. Jason W.

    My buddy has a bottle of Relax and let me try it. I was very impressed with how effective it was compared to other brands I have tried. I only use TerraVita products now…and the Relax is one of my favorites.

  38. Erika O

    I live in New York and ran across TerraVita on IG. It truly help with how detailed their post was and I had already been looking for something to help me calm down. I purchased it, used it and can say…I’m very happy.

  39. Dallas O.

    Without a question…”Best” CBD product that I have ever used.

  40. Jaclyn T.

    I suffer from terrible anxiety attacks. The Relax products has been a true god send. I love that it combines ashwagandha root with CBD!

  41. Britt B

    This was my first time ever using CBD. I absolutely love their Relax product!

  42. Kingston L

    Their Relax tincture is truly great and works within minutes.

  43. Katie G

    Super effective and tasty.

  44. Ellie S.

    Could not be more pleased with my purchase. This stuff has been very helpful for my needs.

  45. Sunny H.

    Anxiety is no joke. I am beyond grateful for my mom sharing her Relax tincture with me. It has really help me. I just purchased my first bottle!!

  46. Paige V.

    Super refreshing…!

  47. Tosha S.

    I just received my first bottle of Relax. I am so excited!!

  48. Quinn V.

    Prompt delivery, and amazing flavor!

  49. Damien N.

    Love the taste, and high quality product to help me Relax!

  50. Olivia Y.

    I have been taking this 1-2 times per day. I have seen a change in my anxiety and stress. My husband is so happy! 🙂

  51. Abe S.

    This has help so much with my anxiety issues.

  52. Travis H.

    Relax Tincture! Game changer for my lower back pain.

  53. Riley P.

    I recently stopped taking my pain medication and ONLY use this Relax and Focus. It feels amazing and I am so happy with this change.

  54. Colleen J.

    This is the 3 bottle I have purchased! Love it!!!

  55. Sunny G.

    Epic product!!

  56. Brittany S.

    Yes…finally something that works and reliefs my anxiety attacks.

  57. Carol K

    My husband and I love our Relax 1000 MG tincture. Fantastic!

  58. Joyce G

    So happy with this purchase! I have ordered another 2 bottles for some birthday gifts this month lol

  59. Connie C.

    Very helpful. Love the flavor.

  60. Bob C.

    I just got back from our family vacation in California. We heard about TerraVita when walking downtown in Huntington Beach and saw a promotional booth outside a store. We were not ready to buy yet but later that week we went online and purchased our first Relax bottle!

  61. Peyton S.

    Great product and prompt delivery!

  62. Mark S.

    I have been a bellman for 30 years and have major pains in my feet. I recently started taking relax mid way through my shifts. It has been a true joy to my life.

  63. Jessie L.

    I had a question about CBD, as I have never used it before. I reached out to their support team and they were so helpful.

  64. Joe K.

    I just broke my hand and my friend told me about you guys. I have been using this now for a few days and it has taken off the edge. Just wanted to say…thanks.

  65. Kylie H.

    The highlight of my afternoon!

  66. Liam Y

    Hahah I heard about you guys from a dog IG post I saw. I gave Relax a shot and was stunned. It’s very effective and taste really good.

  67. Lucy H.

    My friend gave me a dropped of her relax and I was amazed. I purchased a bottle of my own later that night lol

  68. West A.

    Highest quality on the market!

  69. Jeff Y.

    I now see the hype behind CBD. I have purchased 2 oil tinctures from them and they were both amazing. I have my eyes set on the Daily Trio Bundle next.

  70. Courtney K.

    I never leave for work without my Relax. I struggle daily with my anxiety and this has been the absolute best thing for me.

  71. JT K.

    Relax is the way to go!

  72. Riley N.

    I kept seeing this pop up on social media and starting following their company. They really do a great job with explaining all the benefits of their products. You know what your buying without any misleading information. Best purchase of 2019 so far!

  73. Jody M.

    The Relax CBD Tincture has been my top seller at my store for months. Thank you so much!

  74. Cole E

    Prior to using this Relax tincture, I could not calm down after a long day of work. I have been using this for about 60 days now and it’s changed my quality of life. I am so grateful for finding this.

  75. Anika P.

    First time using CBD and I love it so far!

  76. Miles K.

    Tastes great. Works wonders for my anxiety.

  77. Randy K

    The perfect solution to clam me down after a long days work. Puts me in zen mode.

  78. Quinn E.

    I take a dropper mid way through my shift everyday. It has helped with my recent injury.

  79. Toni C

    It’s refreshing to take a healthy supplement, vs the other junk that is recommended for anxiety. Thank you so much for your education tab and making this easy.

  80. Ryan M

    I bought a bottle of the Relax as a birthday gift for my mom a few months back. She loves this stuff and said it was your favorite gift.

  81. Mikayla G.

    Love the taste and all the added benefits.

  82. Dani U.

    One of my favorite CBD products around.

  83. Lisa H.

    My favorite blend of CBD tincture!

  84. Chanel A.

    I purchase a bottle for my boyfriend, as he struggles with pain in his shoulder. He is now off pain meds and using this everyday. I love that he is using a healthy form of relief.

  85. Taylor H.

    I’ve ordered a bottle every month since May. Truly the best stuff out there!

  86. McKenna P.

    My friend tagged me in one of their giveaways. I purchased a bottle of Relax since it looked so good. I am such a fan of this product now. Tagging all my friends next time!!!

  87. Travis L.

    I am one of your biggest fans. The Relax is my favorite tincture out there. I can’t wait to try your Focus next order.

  88. Kensington A.

    Thankful for Brittany Furlan’s recommendation. The Relax is my favorite!

  89. Cole J.

    I read about their company and kept hearing the best things about their products. I first ordered the Relax and was blown away. Just ordered my second round and can’t wait for it to arrive.

  90. Aaron G.

    The lemon-lime and earth friendly taste is my favorite. I have never used a CBD product that has worked so well for me.

  91. Lauren Adams (verified owner)

    I heard about Terravita CBD through an influencer who I love because she’s not only hilarious, but she’s open about her own personal mental health struggles. I’m not one to buy things off Instagram, but I was having a particularly rough week and said f*** it, what do I have to lose? The Relax formula has changed my ENTIRE perspective on CBD products. CBD does work, but it’s all about the formulation.
    I’m now a month into taking “Relax” and my anxiety feels more manageable day to day. I don’t often find myself on the verge of having a panic attack. Because it’s 1000mg (very potent for CBD) I take 50ml at around 2pm daily, and 75ml before bed. On a bad day, I up it to 75mls twice daily. I feel amazing and I’ve been getting the BEST night’s sleep in a long time all because of “Relax”. Also the flavor, and this is very important. This does NOT taste like pot/hemp/grass and dirt blended together like others I’ve tried. You get a very clean lemon lime flavor and it’s delicious. Again, all in the formulation. This product has not only made me a believer in CBD but I can honestly say its increased my quality of life, and I’ll be a repeat customer forever because of it. 🙏🏻

  92. Larry E.

    It’s the perfect touch to my daily cup of afternoon tea. It calms be down and I feel GREAT!

  93. Hannah I.

    The customer service at TerraVita is the best! I won a giveaway and have been back ever since. The Relax is my favorite CBD product ever!!!

  94. Lucas I.

    They make it so easy to order. Free shipping and amazing products!

  95. Cole N.

    I just ordered my third bottle. I love this!

  96. Knox L.

    I read the best review about TerraVita on CBDNerds and had to give it a chance. Blown away! The Relax is my favorite.

  97. Candice I.

    I use my Relax a few times per week when the pain in my back is unbearable. It has been a blessing for my pain level. I am more active then I have ever been. Gonna give your Focus a try next 🙂

  98. Kayla E.

    I received my 4th bottle the other day. I can’t get enough of this Relax.

  99. Jamie A.

    I had a question about their Relax and the support department was so helpful and prompt. One of my favorite oils.

  100. Jordy A.

    I really love this tincture. The taste is perfect and not over the top like other brands I have tried.

  101. Ryan F.

    This was my first CBD purchase and has helped my mellow out when u need it most.

  102. Tasha S.

    For all the moms out there, this is the perfect way to end your day with one full dropper.

  103. Rachel Szawielenko

    LOVE this product. I have a high tolerance for.. everything. And this truly helped calm me down. Thank you for this great product !

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