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Max Relief CBD Roll On – 500 MG

(53 customer reviews)


  • Deep Penetrating Cooling Gel
  • Extra-Strength
  • May Reduce Inflammation
  • May Soothe Aches and Sore Muscles
  • Premium Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

Try our Max Relief Deep Penetrating Cooling Gel with 500mg of Premium Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract. Max Relief comes in an easy-to-apply 3oz Roll On gel that may fight pain and inflammation at the source! Experience the cooling with our cream’s unique combination of Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, crisp menthol and moisturizing aloe applies targeted relief to your joints, muscles, and ligaments. You can use it every 4-6 hours throughout the day.

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500 MG Lab-Tested, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract:  Everyone has a cell-signaling system known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Some researchers think that Broad Spectrum Extract interacts with a core component of the ECS — endocannabinoid receptors in your brain and immune system. Receptors are tiny proteins attached to your cells. They receive signals, mostly chemical ones, from different stimuli and help your cells respond. This response creates anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects that help with pain management. This means that CBD and other products may benefit people with chronic pain, such as chronic back pain.

Menthol:  Is made from mint extracts and provides a soothing cooling sensation. It is often used to temporarily relieve minor pain from arthritis, muscle strains, backaches, and other bothersome injuries. Topically applied menthol results in a cooling sensation and are reported to act as a counterirritant to reduce the sensation of pain

Organic Aloe Extract:  An extract from the Aloe Vera plant, Aloe Extract has anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain relieving) properties. Aloe Extract has long been used as a natural remedy to treat muscle and joint pains. Deep Penetrating Ability: Aloe Extract has a texture that is absorbed quickly and is able to penetrate at least three layers of the skin, relieves pain and inflammation deeply with an intensive action on the area. Deep Penetrating Ability: Aloe Vera has vasodilator power, effective to encourage the regeneration of local inflammations. This effect is beneficial for contusions and rheumatic pains, since it stimulates the blood flow minimizing bruising and accelerates the healing of damaged tissues.

Click Here to Learn how Max Relief may help relieve pain caused by Arthritis and other various Chronic Pains!

53 reviews for Max Relief CBD Roll On – 500 MG

  1. Hannah F.

    I bought this for my boyfriend who suffers from chronic lower back pain. He says it has truly helped with the pain consistency and intensity.

  2. Erin A.

    Finally!! I could not be more excited about this new product.

  3. Trey R.

    Just received it. TerraVita has the best products and free shipping is always super helpful. Max Relief is my favorite!!!

  4. Hunter W.

    This is better than ICY Hot! The cooling sensation feels great then the warming and CBD sets in to relieve pain!

  5. Jeff M.

    I’ve suffered with knee pain for years. One week using this, three times daily, and I truly have much less pain!

  6. Halsey V.

    The best CBD cream out there. Bar none!

  7. Jack S.

    I use this mid way through my golf rounds to help with my lower back pain. It provides comfort and reduces my swelling. Love this stuff!

  8. Claire J.

    Just received it earlier today and can already feel a major relief in my shoulder. Thank you so much.

  9. Tyler G.

    I injured my knee a few years back playing basketball. I know use this max relief post workout everyday, which has been a game changer for my recovery.

  10. Paul S.

    This has provided an unbelievable relief for my neck aches.

  11. Monica K.

    This is absolutely perfect and has relived my joint pains.

  12. Toni P.

    I got this for my husband and he swears by it.

  13. Johnny A.

    Awesome product. Helps relieve soreness after a surf sesh.

  14. Heather M.

    Best pain reliever out there!

  15. Rich T.

    The cooling sensation is great and then in warms up your affected area. Love this more than ICY Hot!

  16. Nicky P.

    Easy to apply, feels great, smells good, and really works! Thanks TerraVita!

  17. Betty K.

    Im 62 y/o female who has struggled with back pain for years. I can’t get up without rubbing some Max Relief on my back. I’m very thankful! I’m sick of pain medicines!

  18. Hunter M.

    Easily the best pain relieving balm I’ve tried. It really works!

  19. Orlando M.

    I’ve suffered from achy knees from years of basketball park league. This old man ain’t the same anymore! Thanks to Max Relief I have been able to get back on the b-ball.

  20. Josh S.

    Been using this for about a week after workouts and before I golf. I feel the cooling effects within a minute and aches and pains relieved.

  21. Gina P.

    I get debilitating cramps and the Max Relief has helped tremendously. I rub it on 3 times daily.

  22. Rashard M.

    Awesome stuff! love the cooling menthol effect this gives me.

  23. Jon R.

    I have used icy hot on injuries for many years. I was skeptical but wanted to see what all the CBD hype was about. I purchased a bottle and so far, its working great for me and I will continue to purchase.

  24. Brad K.

    Bengay on steroids!!!

  25. Dionne G.

    loving the effects and relief I get from this. I use it in the morning and night on my lower back. No greasy residue or bad smells.

  26. Jake M.

    Great product for my aches and pains!

  27. Gabriel F.

    I am a retired soccer player with numerous old injuries. Been using this product as needed for about 2 weeks and it definitely relieves my aches.

  28. Tanner P.

    Gives me the pain relief I need on a daily basis. Super stoked on this new product.

  29. Riley S.

    I have been using their other products now for a few months, and they are my absolute favorite. The moment this become available, I was all over it. Now it has a permanent spot in gym bag for post workout relief.

  30. Will H.

    The cooling relief is spot on. It has made a complete 180 improvement in my chronic shoulder pain.

  31. Ty A.

    Customer for life!!! AMAZING roll-on and I am now going to give their Relax a try next.

  32. Connie A.

    My lower back pains have been getting worse each year. Since using the max relief roll-on, I have noticed a major difference. It provides the relief I need and I am much more comfortable throughout the days now. Just wanted to say, thank you!

  33. Adriana W.

    I work in an office and sit roughly 8-10 hours per day in a chair. If anyone can relate, it plays a toll on your body. I started using this product and it has been the best thing in the world for me. I get the relief I need to help me through my work week.

  34. Sammy C.

    The pain is my knee has been reduced tremendously and I can finally enjoy my morning hikes again.

  35. Brandon N.

    Shout to my buddy Travis for the recommendation! I absolutely love this cooling relief gel.

  36. Erik B.

    Nothing like using my max relief after along day of work. My shoulder has not felt this great in years.

  37. Briana B.

    I was struggling with chronic pain in my neck before I came across the max relief.

  38. Paula S.

    I feel so much better after I use this! I used to be in dire pain and could not make it through some of my workouts. Things are much different now!!!

  39. Andrew F.

    This roll on is amazing!!! My arthritis has lessened more than words can explain.

  40. Jaime T.

    A handy spray
    I love the cooling icy effect of this roll on. I always keep one pack handy in my golf bag.

  41. Dustin A.

    TerraVita’s roll-on product is the easiest design to use. And so far, it’s held up to their high reputation.

  42. Vince T.

    I recently had rotator cuff surgery and the roll-on had been unbelievable for my recovery.

  43. Denise J.

    Excellent pain control. Works on joint and muscle pain. Highly recommend!!

  44. Connor W.

    I used this for sore muscles before workouts. It helped with pain management and really helps me pre-workouts.

  45. Ellen A.

    It’s really helped with the pain in my shoulder.

  46. Kacey B.

    I use this for my arthritic hip and any other areas that my body may ache on any given day. Excellent product across the board!

  47. George L.

    I have used a few other roll-on products and this one is by far the greatest!

  48. Hank S.

    I mountain bike a few times per week and my knees are always super soar. Since using this relief gel, I feel much better.

  49. Becca P.

    Extremely satisfied with this cooling reliever product.

  50. Ian H.

    This has become my new go-to for my back and hip discomfort.

  51. Austin C.

    Check out this product, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Once applied it works very quickly and bring some fantastic relief.

  52. Jackson A.

    I was so surprised at how quickly I got pain relief and at how long it lasts. I recommend this product.

  53. Kelly B.

    Finally, something that works!
    Excellent product, easy to use. No more sitting around with ice on my ankle at night. Just roll it on in the morning for long lasting relief.

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