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Focus CBD Tincture – 1000 MG

(63 customer reviews)


  • Promotes mental focus and cognitive function
  • May elevates mood
  • Premium Full Spectrum CBD
  • Delicious, earthy Spearmint flavor

Focus by TerraVita is our cognitive boosting, focus and energy enhancing full spectrum CBD formulated with brain potentiating terpenes, green tea extract, ginseng, and taurine in an invigorating, stimulating earthy Spearmint flavor that may help you make the most of each day without any crash or burnout!

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1000 MG Lab-Tested, Full Spectrum CBD:  CBD may help manage your cortisol levels which is a catabolic hormone that reduces protein synthesis and actively prevents tissue growth. CBD may also help boost stamina by regulating blood sugar levels. Recent findings show that the rush of anandamide, the natural endocannabinoid compound regulated by CBD via the Endocannabinoid System, deserves the credit for the sudden onset of the euphoric calm sensation known as the “runner’s high.” CBD keeps muscles cramp-free while balancing dopamine at proper levels.


Eucalyptol:  Also known as Cineol, is an aromatic terpene that works synergistically with full spectrum CBD to provide an entourage effect, leading to more effective medicinal benefits. Eucalyptol is known to boost mental clarity, enhance cognitive focus and even help to improve your memory! We recommend supplementing with Eucalyptol and CBD in the morning to kick off your day and ensure you are mentally clear and focused. The Eucalyptol terpene is responsible for the pleasurable and cooling scents found within eucalyptus, mint, rosemary, and tea tree.

Pinene:  Is an aromatic terpene found in cannabis that smells a lot like a forest of pine trees. Besides its wonderful aroma, Pinene is known to be an anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator (helps improve airflow to lungs), it also promotes alertness and can counter short-term memory loss. This makes Pinene a wonderful Terpene to take in the morning and throughout the day to boost cognitive focus.

Ginseng:  Is an herbal supplement that has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine. It is commonly touted for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. What’s more, ginseng may strengthen the immune system, enhance brain function, fight fatigue and improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Ginseng is a great natural energy and focus enhancer.

Taurine:  Is an amino acid that helps boost brain and mental health, improve athletic performance, helps reduce cardiovascular disease and more! Taurine helps muscles work harder, longer and safer. Taurine increases muscle contractility both within the heart and joints resulting in more powerful workouts. Taurine also helps to remove lactic acid build-up which means that you can carry on working out for longer than you would otherwise. Finally, taurine helps reduce oxidative stress thus protecting cells from damage. Take Taurine before workouts and you will be less susceptible to fatigue and muscular breakdown!

Green Tea Extract:  Is a natural source of caffeine that can boost energy without causing the “jittery” effects associated with too much caffeine. Green Tea Extract increases the firing of neurons and the concentration of neurotransmitters like dopamine in the brain, improving cognitive functionality. Green Tea Extract also contains L-theanine which has a synergistic effect with caffeine to improve brain function.

63 reviews for Focus CBD Tincture – 1000 MG

  1. Tara J.

    My friend was given your product to try and she liked it so much she let me try hers. It helped me too, ALOT! I ordered my own. I also told my sister about it and she ordered it also. I have tried another brand, but that one does not work nearly as well as your product.

  2. Erica L.

    This stuff is truly amazing.

  3. Rich H.

    I started to use TerraVita’s focus a few months ago whenever I play golf to help with my knee. It has helped my pain more than I can express, plus gives me that locked in mentality on the course.

  4. Tom D.

    This stuff is amazing. Great product!

  5. Thomas F.

    The added natural supplements that put in their CBD tinctures are the best. I get all I need in one dropper.

  6. Jacob C.

    I stopped using my pre workout, and have replaced it with my Focus by TerraVita. It has been a game changer for my workouts.

  7. Michelle G.

    Ahhh I love this stuff!

  8. Kayla C.

    Best products and customer service.

  9. Lisa W.

    I highly recommend this product for anyone that is looking for something to to give them a boost and help with relaxation.

  10. Laura B.

    I bought this for my husband to use for his back pain. It has helped him so much…!

  11. Lisa J.

    One of my good friend forwarded me a post on FB and recommended that I give it a try. I have tried so many things for my anxiety and nothing seems to work. When I started using the focus, I instantly saw a change, plus I was able to stop drinking energy drinks. Highly recommend!!

  12. Marcus W.

    I am a nutritional freak and when I so all their added supplements that I was already taking, it was a win for me. I use my focus almost everyday of the week.

  13. Jack M.

    This has been a life saver! I use this every morning when I wake up to help with my back pain and energy for the day.

  14. Samantha A.

    I am a customer for life!!

  15. Josh L

    Started adding this to my morning routine. Helps with my back pain and gives me energy to start my day. Will continue purchasing. thanks TerraVita!

  16. Heather H.

    I keep my Focus with me during work and it keeps me calm and focused throughout the day

  17. Hunter W.

    This oil is life changing! I suffer with bad knees and back. Since taking the oil my knees are almost pain free and my back has been easier to deal with! I would highly recommend this product to anyone with chronic ailments!!

  18. Piper S.

    I have been fighting chronic shoulder pain for years. TerraVita has changed my quality of life their amazing products.

  19. Karolina R.

    This stuff is great! I am a full time student, and was looking for a natural supplement to help me study, without giving me the jitters caffeine and energy drinks usually give me. This stuff gives you a great boost without a big crash a few hours later.

  20. Ashley K.

    Focus is great! No more coffee for me!

  21. Matt S.

    I ditched my pre-workout for the Focus. No crash, love it!

  22. Ryan W.

    I take this in the morning with my coffee and in the afternoon. Very happy customer.

  23. Shane S.

    I use this everyday before I golf before work! Focus all the way!!

  24. Jacob I.

    This has really helped with relieving my stress at work and keeping me focus on my task in hand.

  25. Alshena T.

    The focus is great!

  26. Brett Colston

    Loving the Focus! Great product!

  27. Ashlynn B.


  28. Bill H.

    I tell everyone I know. TerraVita offers the highest quality of products around. Thank you!!

  29. Nick L.

    Delicious flavor and works instantly.

  30. Rebecca K.

    I love me some focus!!!!

  31. Joey S.

    I tried my girlfriends bottle of Focus to help me with a double shift I had to work yesterday. This is the real deal. I just ordered myself a bottle of my own.

  32. Hannah N.

    I can’t imagine not taking my focus to get the week started. My fav!

  33. Destiny V.

    This has been so helpful. Amazing!

  34. Jackson J.

    I saw an IG post from Brittany Furlan recommending TerraVita. I am SO happy with these products.

  35. Candice S

    Perfect blend of focus and relaxation!

  36. Seth O.

    So far I feel that the CBD oil has helped a lot with the stiffness in my legs and I am am feeling that it has helped raise my energy level some.

  37. Bryce H.

    I just tossed my pre-workout and have gone all in with my Focus CBD oil.

  38. Lyza P.

    Finally…I have found a quality CBD brand that really works. I am telling all my friends!!

  39. Cambria S.

    My sister won a bottle of Focus in a TerraVita giveaway contest. She said such amazing things, that I had to get my own.

  40. Carson Q.

    Focus CBD is a game changer!

  41. Tommy Q.

    No more caffeine lows. This gets me going and helps with my lower back pains throughout my day.

  42. Troy O.

    Focus is the BEST!!!

  43. Zack T.

    It’s part of my daily routine to take my focus.

  44. James O.

    I have been hearing a lot about CBD and started to follow a few companies on social media. It was very helpful to see TerraVita’s educational post. I first purchased the Focus and could not be more happy with my choice. I’ll be back soon for a reorder.

  45. Tony D.

    I play basketball a few times per week and always take 1 ML before I start playing. It has been a game changer for my knee pain.

  46. Georgia H.

    Two words…”effective” and “quality”…!

  47. Julie O.

    I bought this for my son who plays college baseball and has chronic pain in his shoulder joints. He love this stuff and uses consistently!

  48. Blake S.

    Just got a bottle of Focus for Father’s Day. I used it this morning before I went Surfing and was taken away on how well it worked for me.

  49. Sally Q.

    I saw my co-worker was taking some CBD the other day. I asked him about it and he recommended focus and relax by TerraVita. I ordered a bottle of the Focus to start and was shocked with how effective it was. I am a CBD and TerraVita fan for life.

  50. Jessie R.

    Amazing customer service!!!!

  51. Blake F.

    I am a spearmint and CBD fan in general, so I was easily sold on this product. It works wonders!

  52. Tanya G.

    Focus is the GREATEST!!

  53. Avalon S.


  54. Casey O.

    I carry a bottle of the Focus in my hockey bag. Love the taste and it’s been the real deal for my productivity.

  55. Frankie V.

    Thank you TerraVita for providing a great product. I use my focus everyday.

  56. Trevor W

    There is nothing like some Focus to get my workout going in the am.

  57. Tim A.

    I had to write this review and let everyone know my experience with the Focus. I have been using pre workout for years and recently switch this CBD. The Focus has made me feel great throughout my workout and I have noticed a change for the better in my recovery time.

  58. Adam F.

    This is an excellent product. I get quick pain relief in my back after taking TerraVita CBD.

  59. Dennis D.

    I love this product and company. Best customer service!

  60. Rebecca A.

    Just a dropper of Focus to start my day. Yummy!

  61. Aria F.

    Excited customer service. They were so helpful throughout my order process.

  62. Candice K.

    Their support team is amazing. I messaged them when they were out of stock and I heard back right away. They offered to notify me the moment they were back in stock. Thank you!!

  63. Billy A.

    Refreshing and spot on! I can definitely see the difference in my overall performance.

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