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Daily Trio Bundle

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(1) Focus CBD Tincture:

  • Promotes mental focus and cognitive function
  • May elevates mood
  • Premium Full Spectrum CBD
  • Delicious, earthy Spearmint flavor

Focus by TerraVita is our cognitive boosting, focus and energy enhancing full spectrum CBD formulated with brain potentiating terpenes, green tea extract, ginseng, and taurine in an invigorating, stimulating earthy spearmint flavor that may help you make the most of each day without any crash or burnout!

(1) Relax CBD Tincture:

  • Promotes sense of calm/relaxation
  • Cortisol suppressing adaptogen
  • Premium Full Spectrum CBD
  • Delicious, earthy Lemon-Lime flavor

Relax by TerraVita is our innovative anti-stress, anti-anxiety, relaxation promoting full spectrum CBD formulated with calming terpenes and cortisol suppressing ashwagandha root Extract in a bright herbal lemon-lime flavor that may help you from tension and anxiety after a long day of school, work, exercise, or whatever life throws at you!

(1) Sleep CBD Tincture:

  • May help you fall asleep faster
  • Promotes deep REM sleep
  • Premium Full Spectrum CBD
  • Delicious, earthy Grapefruit flavor

Sleep by TerraVita is our potent calming sleep aid formulated with full spectrum CBD, terpenes, and high quality melatonin in a soothing earthy citrus grapefruit flavor that may help you fall asleep faster.

65 reviews for Daily Trio Bundle

  1. Dominique A.

    I called a local CBD shop and was recommended their product for Sleep. I went on here and saw the bundle and thought why not. I can say I am very happy with all of these products. All day relief!

  2. Vinny Y.

    The daily trio bundle is the best deal. You get everything you need to take on the day. I definitely recommend this.

  3. Don Y.

    I purchased the trio bundle for my wife and I. We are new to CBD but saw this deal and could not pass on it. We both take the supplements that are in each of their products already so it was a perfect fit for us.

  4. Jay S

    You can’t find a deal and quality like this anywhere. Your product descriptions were so helpful. I’ll be back for a refresh order next month 🙂

  5. Dominique L.

    Thanks again for your exceptional products and services.

  6. Josh S.

    This right here is a daily game changer for me. I’m a believer in the benefits of CBD!

  7. Noah C.

    I can’t believe how quickly I received my order. Ordering is easy and fast. Thank you!

  8. Andrew D.

    For my birthday last week, my wife got me this 3-stack of products. It was such a great purchase and I have been using them each day.

  9. Lawerence V.

    I love deals! These products have made a true difference in my life. If you’re looking for CBD that exactly works, this is the spot.

  10. Stewart R.

    All three of these products are astonishing. I order these religiously every 45 days or so.

  11. Danny R.

    I heard about this company through a friend that could not stop talking about the effectiveness of their products. I purchased this bundle and from there I was a life long customer. Highest quality!!

  12. Ray B.

    Great stuff!

  13. Melissa K.

    Definitely the best CBD around. Extremely satisfied!

  14. Asher L.

    Tastes great, easy to dose, very nice mood support. Yea!!

  15. Kris N.

    I wake up feeling that now, I can make it through the day. Sleep better! And the pain is very much gone. I feel more active!!

  16. Victoria S.

    The CBD oils helped greatly with my inflammation and pain levels. I would recommend this product to anybody suffering from chronic pain.

  17. Eli W.

    I have random bouts of extreme anxiety. CBD helps but is pricey so I don’t want to take it every day “just in case.” I use the oils at my desk and no one even knows my head is about to explode. It tamps down the panic so I can make it through the day without freaking out. The CBD Sleep allows me to shut off the “you screwed up” soundtrack that runs through my brain when I go to bed at night.

  18. Emily N.

    Wonderful, natural, clean, honest company. I absolutely love this brand and so do my clients. Highly recommend and I make huge orders all the time for myself and my massage therapy clients. Love you TerraVita CBD!

  19. Josie V.

    Amazing Products !!!!
    Excellent Customer Service !!!

  20. Abby R.

    I bought the TerraVita trio bundle. The first day I took them, I noticed a change in my pains. I am definitely buying more! Very good product!

  21. Tess L.

    I have been using the CBD oil for about 2 weeks now and my neck pain that I had been experiencing is completely gone. My husband has started using it as well. Tastes great too!

  22. Brandon N.

    Excellent and consistent quality.

  23. Olivia K.

    Fast service, great products. Will definitely purchase again in the near future.

  24. Gabriel O.

    Great products. This has changed my life and anxiety is at it’s all time low!! I would love to work for these guys, just to spread the word about this amazing brand. Thank you so much.

  25. Jade E.

    These products bring comfort, and I am able to move around now without overwhelming pain…thank you.

  26. Jamie L.

    Great products! Great customer support.

  27. Matthew P.

    Love all three of these! They have helped with so many of my daily issues such as pain, anxiety, and insomnia!

  28. Yulia R.

    Great stack

  29. Mackenzie T.

    Love these!!!!

  30. Jimmy U.

    Thank you TerraVita for the fantastic products. Each one of them serves a different purpose for my daily needs. All great!

  31. Sal G.

    I love deals…and when I saw this and the quality of their ingredients, I was sold.

  32. Susie D.

    I use my focus everyday! My relax is to calm me down when needed and the sleep helps me get a good nights rest without a question.

  33. Bianca B.

    My co-worker told me about this and let me use his for a day. I loved them all, so I decided to go with the bundle. Best choice ever!

  34. Jordan S.

    I have purchased this bundle deal a few times for myself and just bought it for sister as well. This stuff is truly unreal. Thanks!

  35. Jayden T.

    Excellent products & fast shipment. I highly recommend.

  36. Andre X.

    I’ve been very happy with my CBD oils from TerraVita. Thanks!

  37. Dianne I.

    This is the second time I’ve used TerraVita. It is by far the best one that I have used. It is absorbed quickly and no after taste.

  38. Jooho K.

    Quality products and a flawless experience!

  39. Mason G.

    Great products, the tinctures are amazing! Helps with pain, which I use it for my chronic daily issues…no more pain killers.

  40. Penelope H.

    TerraVita CBD has excellent products. The results I get using TerraVita are always good. The product is carefully packaged and shipped very quickly.

  41. James V.

    I get everything I need and want in one place! Best CBD ever!

  42. Jack V.

    You can’t find a deal like this around for the quality. I really like the flavors and that I have something for each part of my day.

  43. Matt B.

    This deal is amazing and the products are even better. You have to try it!

  44. Jamal C.

    I struggle with chronic pain in my back from football injuries. These products have made all of the difference in handling the pain. I just wanted to share my appreciation!

  45. Greyson A.

    Excellent service and excellent products. We will continue purchasing, and I recommend it to anyone highly.

  46. John N.

    I could not pass out this Daily Trio Bundle. They are all great but my personal favorite is the Relax. My wife loves the Sleep. I use the Focus everyday before I go to the gym.

  47. Steven M.

    Yes!!! Helps me with my anxiety more than any other CBD.

  48. Sebastian E.

    Quick efficient service, amazing products.

  49. Taylor I.

    I am all about natural supplements and now I can get it mixed with my CBD…and get a deal at the same time. If I could give you more than 5 stars, I would Lol

  50. Jack F.

    Great quality products at a reasonable price. Thanks!

  51. Leo J.

    No more pain from inflammation in my back. I have herniated discs and the CBD really helps me a lot throughout my day! Thank you, TerraVita!

  52. Nicole K.

    You get a little bit of everything in this deal. What more could you ask for. It’s hard to choice which one is my favorite.

  53. Joey R.

    I love me some deals. These are the best tinctures that I have ever used and I have tried many different brands beforehand.

  54. Patrick G.

    This was the perfect bundle for my girlfriend and I. We love it!

  55. Daisy V.

    I first tried TerraVita CBD products on a trip to California, and have continued to order from them, even though CBD oil is available at shops where I live. The quality and reliability of the products are what keep me coming back, and the customer service is excellent.

  56. Erik S.

    My wife got me this for our anniversary, as she knows I am a huge CBD believer. I was blown away and stopped shopping around after I got my hand on these gems.

  57. Erin K.

    So yummy!! I’d have to say, it’s hard to choice which one I like the best since they all have different daily purposes for my life.

  58. Steven C.

    My experience with all of these tinctures has been perfect. Quality and effectiveness is all time!

  59. Tyler W.

    You cannot find this kind of premium quality and deal anywhere else. I love their products and I am excited to see what they roll out next.

  60. Jackie B.

    I am a personal trainer and this has been my go to recommendation for my clients. Amazing remedies!!

  61. Josefina A.

    Attractive packaging and even better taste!

  62. Freddy A.

    My co-worker told me about TerraVita CBD and how well the Relax worked for his anxiety problem. I went ahead and gave the trio a try. I am so happy with my purchase and just told all of my friends about it!!!

  63. Lauren E.

    Finally something that taste great and really works! This daily trio is the best deal.

  64. Haley A.

    YES!!!! I love my TerraVita daily trio bundle.

  65. Trevor P.

    After a few days of taking these premium tinctures, I became a life long customer. They do a great job with explaining all of the added ingredients and benefits of each. It’s hard to find quality with all of these companies popping up.

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