• Why Can’t I Buy CBD On Amazon?

    Amazon is one of the world’s largest online retailers, offering customers a way to buy their favorites in a super convenient way. But, with thousands upon thousands of sellers and millions of products listed, CBD products are nowhere to be found.
  • The Benefits of Reishi in Your Daily Life

    The idea of adding adaptogenic mushrooms into health and wellness routines is not a new one. In fact, mushrooms have traditionally been cherished for their medicinal value and therapeutic properties, so why should today be any different?
  • The Relationship Between CBD and Anandamide

    The way CBD works within the body is a process that scientists are just beginning to understand. A few decades ago, we discovered that our bodies create something called endocannabinoids, and we’re still figuring out exactly how cannabis’ cannabinoids work with ours. Is there a relationship between the two?
  • Cannabinoids in Sports Medicine

    Cannabinoids in sports medicine may be a relatively new—and even controversial—topic, but it’s rapidly garnering attention. From the benefits of cannabinoids for athletes to how they can stay safe while using them and everything in between, we’re covering it all down below.
  • Cannabinoids for Better Focus

    Right now, a lot of us may be struggling with focus. With so much going on in the world, it becomes easy for the mind to wander and for us to fall off track. Thankfully, that’s where CBD can come into play.
  • Can I Give My Kids CBD?

    As CBD continues to make waves across health and wellness platforms, more people are becoming curious about this special cannabinoid and all it has to offer. But, this curiosity has also brought about safety concerns and uncertainties. Specifically, a lot of people are wondering if it is safe to give to their kids.
  • Ways to Use CBD for a Special Valentine’s Day

    This Valentine’s Day, try doing something a little different. While we all love going out to eat or having a movie night on this romantic holiday, this year, TerraVita wants you to try incorporating CBD into your date plans.
  • Different Ways to Consume CBD

    There are many ways to take advantage of all the health benefits CBD has to offer. While CBD is mainly used for medicinal purposes due to its non-psychoactivity and therapeutic-like properties. For many, people turn to CBD for pain relief, a boost in their moods, inflammation reduction, and many more. But why?
  • Benefits Of CBD + Omega-3s Fish Oil For Pet Health

    One of the best combinations out there for improving our pet's health and overall well being is a mixture of Omega-3s from fish oil and Cannabidiol (CBD). Omega-3s fish oil contain two essential fatty acids.
  • The Aftermath: Reducing COVID-19 Anxiety with CBD

    Finding ways to reduce our general anxieties can be tough. Finding ways to reduce them during a global pandemic? Well, that’s even harder. But, with the help of CBD, finding some relief during this time can be easier than you may think. 
  • The Rise of CBD-Infused Drinks

    Nowadays, plant-based living is all the rage. Every day, we are learning more and more about how to incorporate these healthy nutrients into our daily lives. With this, we’re seeing the rise of plant-based recovery drinks and the unique benefits they have to offer us.
  • Does CBD Oil Go Bad?

    To answer all of your questions about CBD oil’s shelf life and expiration, we’ve taken a deep dive into how CBD goes bad, how to preserve it, and just how long you have before it’s no longer your favorite CBD oil. 
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