The Relationship Between CBD and Anandamide

The Relationship Between CBD and Anandamide

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The way CBD works within the body is a process that scientists are just beginning to understand. A few decades ago, we discovered that our bodies create something called endocannabinoids, and we’re still figuring out exactly how cannabis’ cannabinoids work with ours. Is there a relationship between the two?

One of these endocannabinoids, anandamide, plays a massive role in our everyday lives. But, how exactly does this endocannabinoid pair with CBD? Today, we’re answering all of these questions and more as we take a look at the connection between CBD and anandamide. 

What Is Anandamide?

First, let’s start by talking about anandamide itself and what it is. 

Anandamide is affectionately referred to as the “bliss molecule,” and it’s a cannabinoid that the human body naturally produces. If you couldn’t tell by the name, this molecule works directly to enhance your mood, helping to bring waves of euphoria and happiness. This endocannabinoid is created and released whenever you are exposed to something that lightens your mood.

Anandamide also works throughout the body to help bring and maintain inner stability. When everything inside your body is working just as it should, your body has reached something called “homeostasis.” This means that all biological functions, from proteins to hormone production to mood regulation, are evenly balanced. Nothing is being overproduced, and your body isn’t left craving something it doesn’t have. But, how does the bliss molecule help with this?

To help control mood as it does, anandamide also works as a more all-encompassing molecule, too. Essentially, this endocannabinoid functions as a cell signaler, letting the body know when it isn’t producing the molecules that it needs. Anandamide travels throughout the body, going from cannabinoid receptor to cannabinoid receptor, ensuring that everything is working as it should. Basically, the bliss molecule’s job is a big one: anandamide is here to help balance you out. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy on your own. Thankfully, that’s where CBD comes in.

Anandamide and CBD: How They’re Connected

As we mentioned above, anandamide is one of the body’s endocannabinoids, while CBD is one of cannabis’s cannabinoids. These two molecules act incredibly similar— if you couldn’t tell by their almost identical terminology. Just as anandamide works to ensure that your body functions as it should, CBD does the same. 

People turn to CBD primarily for its help with homeostasis and inner balance. When consumed, CBD travels throughout the body, acting, too, like a cell signaler, letting the body know where it needs a bit more support. Then, your body can react accordingly, creating what it needs and blocking what it doesn’t. 

On top of assisting with homeostasis and overall internal balance, studies have shown that CBD can boost anandamide production. Promoting the bliss molecule’s creation can do wonders for those who struggle with psychiatric disorders, particularly ones involving mood. Having conditions of this type can make it difficult for the body to properly regulate the bliss molecule, sometimes resulting in the body struggling to produce any healthy amount. However, CBD consumption demonstrates the ability to boost the production of anandamide naturally. 

When more anandamide is produced, you can better regulate emotions, and the body feels better both physically and mentally. This is because endocannabinoids—and cannabinoids like CBD—also work to control inflammation and white blood cell production. Finding the right balance of supporting CBD within the body to pair with the bliss molecule creates a recipe for an incredibly comfortable, balanced, and supported inner self. 

Endocannabinoids, Cannabinoids, and What’s Left to Learn

Of course, science still has a lot to learn about both endocannabinoids and cannabinoids. Because researchers only discovered the endocannabinoid system just a few decades ago, it is clear there’s much we don’t know or understand about the body and our connection to cannabinoids. However, what we are discovering appears to show some incredible potential.

Cannabinoids of all types—not just CBD—pair with the body, with each one creating different results and playing different roles. Right now, there are at least 100 cannabinoids we know of inside the cannabis plant, and yet, we only really understand about a handful of them. Once scientists can directly pinpoint a cannabinoid’s benefit or role, the way we use hemp plants may shift completely. 

At the end of the day, there are still some steps to be taken to provide us with a full understanding of these complicated cannabinoids. But, you can rest assured that researchers are looking into these tricky little chemical compounds each and every day.  Soon, there’s a good chance we will understand more about cannabis and its constituents than we ever thought possible. You just have to be a little patient! 

Enjoying the Bliss Molecule With CBD

For now, enjoying CBD and the blissful effects that come with it is more than enough for most consumers. If you’re someone who struggles to manage or regulate emotions, or you’re just feeling like some distant version of yourself, don’t panic. Sometimes, your body just needs a little bit of TLC (or CBD, in this case) to help it get back on track. That’s precisely why we’re here.

TerraVita sells high-quality CBD products specifically with your health and wellness in mind. Whether you’re hoping to boost your mood, reduce your pain, or experience a little bit of both, our CBD products have you covered. Check out our vast selection of products and pick out the ones that most appeal to you. No matter what you need help with—or what kind of support your body requires—TerraVita is here to help. 

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