The Aftermath: Reducing COVID-19 Anxiety with CBD

The Aftermath: Reducing COVID-19 Anxiety with CBD

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Finding ways to reduce our general anxieties can be tough. Finding ways to reduce them during a global pandemic? Well, that’s even harder. But, with the help of CBD, finding some relief during this time can be easier than you may think. 

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the main, non-psychoactive chemical compounds found within cannabis plant varieties. As one of the most abundant compounds, researchers have been able to work directly with this cannabinoid to better understand the medicinal and therapeutic effects it has on the human body. While the scientific evidence is still slightly limited, we’re seeing more indications every day that CBD has the potential to help us in even the worst of times.

By helping us better control our anxiety, enhance our positive thinking, and give us the support we need to thrive during isolation, CBD appears to be the perfect partner in crime while we fight COVID-19. But, how exactly does this chemical compound do so much?

How CBD Works

To understand how this cannabinoid can potentially help us during these stressful times, it’s important to understand how CBD works in general. 

Unlike other cannabinoids that the cannabis plant produces, CBD doesn’t work with the cannabinoid receptors we have within our bodies. Rather, it works with our bodies’ endocannabinoid system, or ECS, to help it regulate and produce the endocannabinoids our bodies needs to feel its best. This way, CBD is able to help boost natural production and inhibition of endocannabinoids, helping our bodies eventually do this on their own, too. 

When our bodies can regulate our hormones, temperatures, and fluids properly, we’re able to reach a healthy internal balance, or homeostasis. Reaching this kind of an equilibrium can be transformative for our minds and bodies, as we are better able to function generally, feel better, and stay positive and uplifted. 

CBD, Positive Thinking, and Dealing with Isolation

During this COVID-19 pandemic, even just the tiniest bit of stress can throw off our internal levels, ridding us of our beloved balance. So, if we take the time to incorporate some CBD into our everyday routines, we may be able to get our bodies back into the swing of things.

Right now, positive thinking can be tough. There’s so much uncertainty, stress, and strain on our world right now that finding anything to look forward to can do wonders for our mental health. If you couldn’t tell, that’s where cannabidiol comes in. CBD is able to work directly with our bodies’ production of the main stress hormone, cortisol, to lower overall stress levels, reduce anxieties, and help us better manage what does and doesn’t set us off. With CBD in our systems, being able to sweat the small things is easy; in fact, you may be able to just laugh it off. 

Lowering our cortisol levels, while simultaneously balancing other crucial neurotransmitters, may also be enough to help us deal with this uncharted isolation. Most of us aren’t used to staying cooped up in our homes and it’s drastically affecting our mental health. When we turn to CBD, however, its soothing properties can help us become more mindful, appreciating the world around us. How?

CBD hosts a number of benefits and may provide help with chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation, and even mood issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and many others. Even more, when CBD is paired with other health-promoting herbs such as Ashwagandha — known as a powerful cortisol-reducing adaptogen — they work together to create a synergistic reaction in the body that can provide an even greater therapeutic effect, than they would on their own. The result? An increased level of calm.

Even though it’s in a state of disarray, CBD’s mind-boosting properties can help us find beauty, even when we’re stuck at home. Just take a few drops of CBD oil, soak in some sun, and really focus on what Mother Nature’s provided us. 

Is CBD FDA Approved?

When we pose all of these advantages and benefits of CBD, it’s hard to imagine something so powerful not being medically approved. But, because of the sheer lack of concrete evidence surrounding this cannabinoid (primarily pertaining to its legality), the FDA has not approved CBD on its own to treat medical conditions of any kind. 

The first, and only, drug to be FDA approved that contains CBD is something called Epidiolex, used to treat rare and severe forms of epilepsy. CBD has demonstrated remarkable promise towards those who suffer from epilepsy and seeing such results, the government has thus approved the integration of the cannabinoid into this particular drug treatment. Though it is the only one of its kind right now, Epidiolex shows promise of CBD continually being evaluated for approval on its own as a safe, healthy form of treatment.

Types of CBD Products and the Best Ways to Consume Them 

Though we are still in the infancy stages of cannabinoid research, that doesn’t mean we still can’t turn to CBD for a little extra support. As long as we recognize that it’s not a credible means of treatment, we can still appreciate the therapeutic elements the cannabinoid can provide for us. Through different methods of consumption, we can find the ways that CBD works best for us individually. 

While CBD vapes, edibles, and even beverages are rising in popularity exponentially, CBD oil is undoubtedly one of the most popular delivery methods. This is primarily due to its ease of use, versatility, and wide range of flavors and potencies. With CBD oil, simply administer sublingually by placing a few drops underneath your tongue and wait 15-20 minutes for effects to kick in. In no time, you’ll be able to experience full-bodied effects effortlessly. 

You can find CBD oil in strengths varying from as low as 5 mg. to as potent as 10,000 mg. Of course, it’s completely dependent on you and your needs. 

Finding Relief With TerraVita CBD In Even the Toughest Times

All in all, finding relief in such uncertain times such as these seems impossible, but truly isn’t. When we have the help of such therapeutic compounds, our bodies can handle so much more than we ever give them credit for. When we’re able to reach these potentials and find homeostasis, stress and anxiety feel almost insignificant. 

Now is the perfect time to indulge in the CBD products that appeal to you most— high quality and effective. We can all benefit from a little extra support nowadays, and if CBD can give that to us, we deserve to experience it. 

Regardless of your choice of delivery method, we have the products you need to fulfill all your wants and desires. From CBD topicals to ease joint pain to phytocannabinoid-rich capsules for easy on-the-go dosing, our CBD products for stress and anxiety offers a little something for every body to achieve optimal health for breaking through and not breaking down in these uncertain times.

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