TerraVita CBD Sleep Review: How TerraVita CBD Helped Dane's Battle with Insomnia

 Real Customers, Real Reviews: Dane P's Story!

It always has and always will be the promise of TerraVita CBD: Premium CBD holistically formulated with natural ingredients to help you thrive! A focus on creating industry leading products will always remain our goal. We are excited to share Dane P's experience with our TerraVita CBD products:

"Hi I wanted to submit my story in to help encourage others who are in need of a healthy alternative to pills. My story starts a year and a half ago. I have been living with insomnia for a couple years at that point and over the counter sleep aids or melatonin were no longer helping me sleep so I got prescribed Seroquel. Now at the time I felt this was the only thing that could help me sleep. After a year of taking Seroquel I gained over 50lb and started to become depressed which only worsened my insomnia. I was at a very low point and I finally realized this was not the life I wanted. I started to wean myself off the Seroquel and I started looking up CBD products, and believe me I did my research until finally I found TerraVita CBD." 

Sleep By TerraVita CBD combines 1000mg of Premium Full Spectrum CBD, Melatonin, and Relaxing Terpenes to help you fall asleep faster and sleep more fully! I decided to take a chance and purchase the Sleep CBD tincture by TerraVita because I needed something to replace my sleep aid. At first I was hesitant about the melatonin because it hurts my stomach but surprisingly enough it (Sleep by TerraVita CBD) hasn't bothered yet. I use a little under half of the dropper (.5 mL) and leave it under my tongue for a bit and I start to feel drowsy after around 45 min and am able to sleep soundly. Such a great alternative!! I have already gotten two other friends hooked on these My boyfriend is also a disabled combat vet, who has severe PTSD and anxiety, swears by this as well!"

Thank you Dane for sharing your "Real Customers, Real Reviews" story with us. To learn more about our Sleep By TerraVita product, Click Here †

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