Can You Vape THC-O?

Can You Vape THC-O?

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THC-O is one of the newest cannabis crazes emerging in the market. But, as with all new products, there comes a lot of questions. Not only are people wondering what THC-O really is, but a lot of customers are curious: can you vape THC-O?

Today, TerraVita gives you an inside look into THC-O, how to consume it, and whether or not it’s safe for you to try. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be completely clear on vaping THC-O and other consumption methods. 

What is THC-O?

First thing’s first: what is THC-O? Does it come from cannabis? 

THC-O is a synthetic compound derived from hemp plants. Being synthetic, companies craft these substances within a lab, as the chemicals they use are highly flammable and corrosive. This means that you cannot create THC-O at home. Only people at highly technical labs with the proper equipment can make these products safely. 

As you can tell, THC-O is a uniquely created cannabinoid cannabinoid. Unlike THC and CBD, you cannot find THC-O in your hemp or marijuana plants, no matter how small. Instead, companies take hemp plants and isolate CBD from them. Then, they break down the CBD until they only have delta-8 THC left. From there, extractors take something called acetic anhydride and combine it with the delta-8 THC. With this, they’ve created THC O: a compound three times as potent as delta-9 THC.

With strength thrice the amount of regular THC, a lot of consumers are becoming incredibly interested in the product. This kind of potency makes THC-O incredibly potent, with people calling it a “psychedelic cannabinoid” — true cannabis connoisseurs dream. 

Can You Vape THC-O?

So, how do you consume THC-O? Do you smoke or vape it? Or, do you prefer to eat THC-O gummies? You can do all of those things, actually. 

Like other cannabis products, you’ll find THC-O vapes, tinctures, and even edibles popping up on the market. And, it’s quite likely that this product selection will grow as popularity does. However, it’s important to stress that, while you can vape THC-O, we are still in the infancy stages of learning about all of the benefits it provides.

No doubt, due to black market products and the overwhelming amount of disinformation on vaping both online and offline, it’s hard to be confident with consumption. Be it CBD, Delta-9 or THC-O vapes and vape cartridges, there are a number of risks that come with vaping knockoffs. Therefore we recommend you buy from reputable companies and not on the streets. If you wish to know more, you can conduct your own research or ask your local budtender, who will more than likely be knowledgeable about most any cannabis product.

Another great way to enjoy THC-O is in the form of an edible. This will likely give you a similar experience as a low-dose shroom edible; however, all experiences are different. But, keep in mind that like any edible, there is a much slower onset than say consuming your cannabis by vaping or smoking. Therefore, as a general rule of thumb: go low and slow. This will not only allow you to avoid overconsumption, but also help you to responsibly monitor the effects you feel as you dose.

Is THC-O Safe?

With all of this in mind, it’s crucial to ask yourself: is THC-O safe? New science is developing almost daily on cannabis, and THC-O seems to be making many in the health sector both curious and amazed. 

The compound is exploding in popularity because it comes from the hemp plant. This means that even those in non-legal states have access to this substance — and one that’s stronger than THC. 

As we mentioned, when buying risky products, there is extreme uncertainty behind their ingredients and effects. It’s also important to consider the potency of these products. People enjoy cannabis to experience highs that can range from subtle to euphoric — all of which has been described to produce a calming relaxation both mentally and physically.

As for THC-O, it’s potency creates an exceptionally strong high that may be useful for medical patients or those who need an extra boost. Though, we should add that newbies to cannabis ought to try out something a little less potent and work their way up. Accidentally consuming too much of this product could result in a less than pleasant experience if not consumed responsibly. 

Despite the fact that THC itself has made a number of scientific breakthroughs, it still remains controversial, leaving many in the dark about its therapeutic potential as well as putting a halt on research.

Legality Surrounding THC-O

Like we briefly mentioned, THC-O is technically derived from the hemp plant. Because of this, the product is protected by the 2018 Farm Bill and is federally legal. Thus, companies are crafting these products to sell online and ship throughout the country. However, many brands do not offer third-party lab-test results, nor are their products regulated the way they should be. 

Want to Vape THC-O? Here’s What to Know

TerraVita highly urges to stay away from black market products and stick to safer, more regulated goods. TerraVita offers a vast selection of THC-O, CBD and delta-8 THC products — depending on what you like most there’s something for everybody. No matter what, we always have our third-party lab-test results available so you can see exactly what we include. At TerraVita, we believe in the power of cannabis and strive to provide the best in what’s wellness. New to THC-O? Check our selection on our website

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