• Can CBD Help With Recovery?

    CBD is said to demonstrate quite positive results when used for muscle recovery and pain relief. Whether you’re a full-time athlete or someone just now getting started on your fitness journey, CBD’s comprehensive properties may help you have a quicker, more comfortable recovery after your workouts. Here’s how.
  • CBD Oil's Top Health Benefits

    What are CBD Oil’s Top Health Benefits? People turn to CBD for a lot of different reasons. The health benefits that the cannabinoid is said to bring runs from head to toe, allowing for therapeutic support in practically any way you need.
  • Best Ways to Store Your TerraVita CBD Products

    Best Ways to Store Your TerraVita CBD Products Keeping your CBD products as fresh as possible is key in having the best experience imaginable. Bu...
  • 5 Important Things You Should Know About CBD

    5 Important Things You Should Know About CBD Image Cred: Eco-CBD   CBD is taking the health and wellness world by storm. Everywhere you look, CBD...
  • What are Flavonoids?

    So, what exactly are flavonoids and what does this weird word mean for your plant? Essentially, flavonoids are plant chemicals that have a direct influence on the plant’s outward appearance and smell. In this article, we discuss the particular benefits that flavonoids provide!
  • What Are Terpenes?

    There’s nothing quite like the smells and tastes that the cannabis plant brings. Depending on what strains are being utilized in your cannabis products, each product is going to emit its own unique scents and flavors that make every experience different from the last.
  • What the FDA Has to Say About CBD Today

    Though the United States has made some serious strides in regard to legalization and the acceptance of chemical compounds like CBD, current rules and regulations are still a bit muddied for the general public. In this article, we dive more into the FDA's current stance on CBD.
  • Microdosing with TerraVita CBD

    Microdosing CBD can be incredibly helpful in preventing the properties of the cannabinoid from fading too rapidly. When you’re in need of pain relief, you don’t just need relief for a few hours--you need it all day long. So, why would you rely on one dose of CBD to get you through the whole day? That’s exactly why microdosing is gaining traction.
  • What Are Cannabinoids?

    Being familiar with cannabinoids is crucial in your understanding of the plant and all it provides. From the basics, like what cannabinoids are, to more complicated matters, like how your body functions with cannabinoids, we’ve covered down below for your learning pleasure. 
  • CBD for Anxiety and Stress Relief

    Stress and anxiety are, unfortunately, incredibly common. Along with being common, these normal emotions can often feel debilitating, making you feel hopeless, helpless, or, just simply, stuck.
  • Can CBD Help You Lose Weight?

    Losing weight is tough. Even shedding a few pounds can sometimes feel impossible, so finding ways to make the journey just somewhat easier can be quite the blessing. Plus, with so many different claims being made about the “perfect weight-loss solution,” it can be even more frustrating trying to find the support you need, especially in an accessible, healthy method.
  • The Aftermath: Reducing COVID-19 Anxiety with CBD Oil

    Finding ways to reduce our general anxieties can be tough. Finding ways to reduce them during a global pandemic? Well, that’s even harder. But, with the help of CBD, finding some relief during this time can be easier than you may think.